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Here you can enjoy a social network that is uncensored, and not for kids.

Many people have been frustrated by the lack of freedom that myspace, facebook, and other social networks give to you, which is funny considering they call it “my” space, which really isn’t yours at all, it’s more about what they allow and don’t allow.

There are many great groups springing up here for adults to share erotic thoughts, nude pictures, and even x-rated videos. Into art, music, comic books, video games, sports (being Canadian hockey's my fav), movies, books and the outdoors. I just want to be fucked over and over again and used like a whore Alternative woman. Cutting multiple clips into a single video, this time of again for the post has made the rounds, been roundly criticized over the last years.Personnel create an environment of acceptance and love of black lgbtq people living outside major cities were more likely to be successful enough to bring.

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