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Incorporating subplots of family feud and business war to make the tale even more captivating, the acclaimed 25-episode series also co-stars Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan, Edwin Siu, veterans Helena Law Lan, KK Cheung and Yueh Hua.Coincidentally, the wife in this tear-jerking love story passed away in real life shortly after the end of the drama's run on TVB.Firstly, I didn’t know that Moses Chan’s girlfriend is Aimee Chan – don’t you think Moses is a bit old for her?Anyhow – Aimee who is currently in the hottest tvb drama – Forensic Heroes III – was rumored to have gone for boob surgery because of a scar revealed during a bra scene in the drama last week.

Not wanting to damage the clan’s reputation, SUN-YUET endures the hardship until SAI-CHEUNG’s death.

Linda, who had an '80s look, said, "In the series, I go from ten-something to forty-something. In the series, I portray a wealthy girl who dates Ruco without caring about family pressure. Will even have a short hairstyle after becoming a successful performing in a wig". He said, "I really like the script..a lot of feeling. Hope that it will become a series that will resonate with viewers and bring memories".

Because there are many Hong Kong stories intersecting, will have the feeling of watching 'The Greed of Man' and 'Vanity Fair' in the past.

The true story of a man spending 50 years to carve, single-handedly, a 6,000-step stairway on the mountains for his beloved wife becomes the inspiration behind TVB's most touching romantic drama in years.

Ace producer Lee Tim Sing (No Regrets) turns the legend of love between the couple in 1950s Chongqing into a star vehicle for Moses Chan and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee.

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