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Prison and Trauma Even for the most hardened criminals, prison can be a scary place.

Died alone: In September of 2013, Ballard, 39, who was mentally ill and an inmate at the Rikers Island jail in New York, died a gruesome death there after being locked alone in his cell for seven days 'He didn't have to leave this world like that.

He’s just 15 months older than me, and we formed a united front of games and giggles after Helen arrived when I was two.

Dad was a technical editor for a large oil firm and Mum made wedding cakes.

Some anxiety helps to keep you focused on the job at hand.

However, when your anxiety is so serious that it interferes with your work, leads you to avoid certain situations or keeps you from enjoying life, you may be suffering from a form of the most common type of mental disorder, an anxiety disorder.

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