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If it doesn't, or if you want to do further testing, perhaps with a newer version of Nokia PC Suite, you can restore the original state with wpd_

To use one of these files, click on its link, then confirm twice.

Based on my findings, Nokia has also yet to release updated firmware images for its pre-Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8 lineup.

The Finnish maker previously announced that an update, called Lumia Amber, will be rolled-out this summer, which is set to introduce Cal DAV and Card DAV support among other new features (like enabling FM Radio functionality, the ability to change the default camera app, etc.), but it has not hit any devices at the time of writing this article.

This is due to the different versions the phones might come with, so the backup files won't be restorable on the phone you want to transfer to.

Easiest and simplest way is to transfer via bluetooth which is quick and efficient.

I tried to connect my Nokia phone to Mac via Bluetooth using Sync Mate, but the application crashed. Please note that Bluetooth Manager crash at Mac OS X 10.6 is possible while trying to establish connection with Nokia Series 40 phone, if the latter is already connected to any other device (another Mac, for example). When launching Sync Mate module for Windows, Microsoft Office Outlook message pops up: “A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook…” 5.

In order to make it to recognise the device I had to install specific versions of the software (Nokia PC Suite version and specific version of the Nokia Connectivity Cable driver (version is caused by the fact that i Photo gives names with special characters to folders, while such names may be not supported on other operating systems. Synchronization of i Cal/Microsoft Entourage events and Address Book on your Mac with S40 Nokia 6700c is not supported. Accidental deletion of some entries from the device and further removal of the same entries from Mac (or vice versa) during synchronization cannot be considered as the reason for refund because Sync Mate is a sync tool and works according to its specifications.Every now and then we have to change phones and transfer contacts from one device to another.Syncing to server (For Smartphones)Community Q&A I recently had bought my mom an inexpensive spare phone for a week and realized what a pain it was to transfer contacts from her old phone.Using the Nokia Ovi suite or the PC suite applications on your computer to make a backup and restore onto your new phone as everybody on the internet recommends is ineffective and does not work most of the time.

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