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The unlikely pair start a phone sex line and become best friends while learning about this hilarious world of vibrators, fake orgasms and nighttime callers.When the hot line is hung up and reality comes calling, the most meaningful relationship of their lives is put to the test. Glare at the gems, yes stare at em' friend Take a good look, cause I swear, I won't wear 'em again These are "one time wear", earrings are one-time pair One time for "one time", damn look how one time stares Space in Baltimore, place the order Replace the quarter y'all, these fiends are chasin' waterfalls!!! Gun in his mouth, call that the "chat line" Bought my niggas watches, that's how we "pass time" [Hell Rell: HOOK] WHERE THE LLAMAS AT, THE SQUEALERS... IT'S NOTHIIIIIN MAN IT'S SO EASY TO KILLA, IT'S NOTHIIIIIN Y'ALL ALREADY KNOW HOW THE DIPSET DOES IT, BUZZEN...... I polly with Molly, ask mommy if Sherri could Come to the crib, I live in Halle Berry hood Floors marble, cabnets Cherrywood Dishes "Gem-Star", in other words very good.. Make they "Bed-rock" "Get Em Girl", my half-black-and-Italian wifey Rocks all colors brotha', my Italian icey I say "Get Em Girl", her diamonds out a diamond mine Ion even like to rhyme, love, but love this life of mine! IT'S NOTHIIIIIN THEY FRONTIN WE NOT BUT IT'S NOTHIIIIIN Y'ALL ALREADY KNOW HOW THE DIPSET DOES IT, BUZZEN..... , y'all prolly gettin jumped, I'm in the lobby gettin drunk And the weed produce a foul odour Thou sober, papi calls, "drought over" Owe [him] 28, old school, I top mine, cop mine [Once] the block fine, "Yahtzee", Yacht time!In recent years, the direction of female comedies has taken a turn for the better.

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[Cam'Ron] Cash in the sweat socks, check the sweats pocks Got a knot in there the size of a X-Box Yall niggas bet' not, headshot, "red dot" These chicks are "Betty & Wilma", hear me? And I'm cocky with the pump, and the shotty, Kamikaze Body after body CHUMP!

Cause of cake mix, 10 homes, 8 whips But the 8 whips I'm bout to trade for a spaceship!

On her own, Lauren can't afford the upscale apartment she's been living in, and is forced to move in with Katie, a promiscuous, pill popping OCD, who she'd only met once before, at a party, where Katie threw up on her.

At first, the hostility is off the charts, but when Lauren loses her dream job, she is forced to help Katie run her business, a phone sex line.

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